Breezy Winkle

Breezy travels from Walla Walla each week to ring with us! She has two daughters and works as a Technical Writer. Breezy also holds a degree in Flute Performance, and currently plays flute and piccolo in the Walla Walla Symphony, and for many other churches and events. Hearing handbells in Portland, Oregon for the first time as a sophomore in high school she describes the experience as "magical". She told herself then that if she ever had the opportunity to ring in a bell choir that she would! One year later the high school that she moved to had a bell choir, and the rest is history! Breezy played handbells through the rest of high school and college and now into adulthood! In search of a bell choir with more challenging music than she could get at her local church she found Bells of the Desert. She enjoys the logistical and mental challenge of ringing, and the camaraderie with the other ringers.

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