Suzanne Damstedt

My interest in handbells began when it fell into my lap to be a director of a school handbell choir with a new set of handbells and never having learned previously how to do it. I grew along with the children and built up a successful choir, participating in this choir for nearly five years. Following that experience, I purchased my own set of handbells and directed handbells for groups of adults and groups of children out of my own home for about five years. After selling them and having a break from handbells for a few years, I am back enjoying handbells by ringing with Bells of the Desert. My husband and I have nine children and five grandchildren. I am a mental health counselor and also a cellist. One of the activities I enjoy is traveling to places I have never been. I have enjoyed traveling to China, Spain, Mexico, the Bahamas and Hawaii.

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